Light Beyond the Bulb

November 13 - 28, 2015
Buelach, Switzerland

At Kantonsschule Zuercher Unterland in Buelach we organised three events related to the IYL 2015: "lichtAN" (lightsON) on Nov 13th, "Licht aus" (lights off) on Nov 20th and "RESTlicht" (RESIDUALlight) on Nov 27th. At our main event "lichtAN", which took place in the schools main entrance hall, all our natural science departments showed a wide range of experiments related to "light", e.g. interference at a gap, electromagnetic waves (physics), optical illusions and photosynthesis (biology), fluorescence and flame colours (chemistry). We also had a light laboratory with experiments that could be conducted by the visitors themselves.

In addition to the natural science departments, art and language departments were involved as well. The arts-department contributed two light-installations in the entrance hall and an exhibition on the subject "light" with exhibits by students, such as films, sculptures, paintings and photographs. A class of students under the guidance of their French teacher produced very informative posters about the “Siècle des lumières” (the Age of Enlightenment) and another class translated LBTB-poster captions from English into German for our LBTB-exhibit that took place from Nov 13th to Nov 27th.

Some of the experiments were shown a second time on Nov 27th (RESTlicht). This event took place at our school’s open day, so parents and other visitors were able to see the exhibition.

On November 20 the school’s German Department organised their yearly short story competition, where students hand in their texts and read them to an audience. A panel then chooses the two winning texts, one for the Lower School and one for the Upper School. This year’s topic was “Licht aus” (lights off) to link this literary event to the IYL 2015.

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