Light Beyond the Bulb

May 18 - May 29, 2015
Bellingham, WA, USA

Teacher Alan Doud's science class at Squalicum High visited the display in May 2015. Noting both the engaging images and the way they drew in his students, Doud (pictured with a student here) believes the display was a perfect way to begin a discussion of light. "The students were pulled in by the fascinating images, but they found the text engaging as well," Doud says. "When we got back to class, the questions just spilled out: How does a fiber optic cable work? What is the difference between laser light and ordinary light? What makes the different colors in the Northern Lights? How is light used to read a DVD?" Doud says that he would certainly recommend this exhibit to other students as "it will fire student imaginations and make them want to know the rest of the light story."
-Margaret Gude, Bellingham Public Schools

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