Light Beyond the Bulb

July - November, 2015
San Jose, Costa Rica
The first 5 photos are from the 1st First Congress of Photometry and Lighting, organized by the Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering Society, in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The next 4 photos are from the exhibit during the XVI Science Essay Contest Award Ceremony with the Theme: The evolution of lighting. This was held Oct. 2nd in San José with students from different regions of the country.

The next two photos are from the exhibit during the XVII Science Technology and Society Congress held in San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica in August 2015. This is an annual Teacher Conference that CIENTEC organizes.

The last two photos are from the exhibit at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICIT. It will be displayed from Nov. 5-20, 2015  in Coronado, San Jose, Costa Rica.

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