Light Beyond the Bulb

November 26, 2015 - December 3, 2015
Oporto, Portugal

The light exhibtion was a sucess in our school. We had many compliments from students and fellow teachers. The theme of the exhibition was the different radiations of the electromagnetic spectrum so each poster showed images regarding different kinds of light waves. We had a very, very small budget (about $ 15 USD) so we had to do it in a small scale but the beauty of the images spoke for themselves.

The number of students who saw the exhibition was about 1000, we made it in our entrance hall so it was very noticeable. Some teachers accompanied their classes and made a commented tour. Your powerpoint was also shown in our internal network video net during the time of the exhibition. Every image we used had registered their source and we made a special thank to your site I send some pictures of the four posters and of a visit by one of my classes. I hope they have a reasonable resolution.

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