Light Beyond the Bulb

October 21, 2015
Newtown, Australia

Our science wing window display started with our year 7/8 classrooms and finished with our primary science classroom. Simply printed the pictures you made available with their descriptions/credits.

Additionally our library staff set up a display of lights and ran a tea light and book activity for students.

Our primary science program spent the term looking at light from grades prep-6 (excl 4/5 as they have their own program).

Grade prep's and 1's became their own shadow puppets and looked at the Sun as the giver of light.

As part of the grade 2 program, among other things they investigated how we see, how light travels, how colours mix, reflection and used the shadow wall to create shadow puppets to tell a story and also made hand shadow puppets.

Grade 3's looked at the eye and how we see, comparing it with animal eyes, made phenakistoscopes; investigated breaking light (artificial and sunlight) apart using a CD; deduced the rule of reflection; plants use of light, created a solar powered creature and shadow drawings.

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