Light Beyond the Bulb

November 20-22, 2015
Yvelines, France

This exhibition showed :
  • the portraits of 33 scholars or scientists who brought explainations on the light through centuries.
  • 48 large photos which showed aspects of the light
  • 1 large slide-show made by 3 professional photographers on the natural or artificial light (15 minutes)
  • 1 large slide-show named : “the light in all states” (40 minutes)
  • 9 little slide-shows for popularization on the themes :
    • the lighting through centuries
    • the LED
    • the photovoltaic cells
    • the duality wave-particle
    • the light-matter interaction
    • the laser
    • the optical fibers
    • the primary and secondary sources of light
    • the synthesis of colors
  • several demonstrations and experiments on the light by means of the “École Polytechnique”.
  • 25 posters with technical articles on properties of the light
  • numerous toys livened up by the light to interest the children

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