Light Beyond the Bulb

July 2015
Siggiewi, Malta

In order to be part of this global event and celebrate the IYL 2015, the Science Department at St. Ignatius College Boys' Secondary School organized a number College based events. These activities were supported and funded by the EU Commission representation in Malta. During the past months, the Science department created a Light Beyond the Bulb exhibit. These images illustrate the incredible variety of light-based science being researched today across the electromagnetic spectrum, across scientific disciplines, and across technological platforms. For the past weeks, this exhibition has been roaming in all Primary schools within the College and young students had the possibility to relate to the Science involved behind these representations. Coming October, this exhibition will also be set up Secondary schools. The Science department has also organised a photographic competition where Primary and Secondary students were asked to consider scientific concepts related to light and/or light related technologies. Approximately, two hundred entries were submitted in this photographic competition titled "Light Beyond the Bulb". The main aim of this competition was to celebrate the importance of light and light-based technologies, and encourage both Primary and Secondary students to consider the behaviour of light from different perspectives. Approximately, two hundred entries were submitted in this College based competition. The climax of events will be reached coming scholastic year, where St Ignatius College Boys’ Secondary School will be organising a soirée dedicated to the Science of light and light-based technologies.

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